Fantasy Evil Axis Rumble

While replying to Russell Beattie's kind thoughts about Bush's role in Columbia's demise, I had a funny thought.

[These are my words, not Russell's]
Bush is too much of an idiot to pull this tragedy off. I know why I dislike Bush. He is the perfect vision of how I would have turned out if I ate up everything my ultra conservative father told me as I was growing up. He gives me the shivers.

As to Saddam Hussein, I am trying to dream up some scheme to make North Korea attack Iraq: Saddam Hussein versus Kim Jong-Il. A Fantasy Evil Axis Rumble!


p dir=”ltr”>On a similar track of thought, I don't see why we have to destroy North Korea's nuclear facilities when there are two major military powers in the neighborhood: China and Russia.  With all of North Korean arsenals pointed south, it should be easy for either China or Russia to bomb or invade North Korea without fearing destruction of Seoul.