Subway Fire Tragedy Update

The death toll in recent Korean subway fire tragedy is expected to be over 200.  Most of the dead were on train 1080, not on train 1079 where the fire started.  Unbelievably, train 1080 pulled into the station while train 1079 was visibly engulfed in flame and stopped right next to it as you can see below.

After parking train 1080 next to train 1079, the driver talked with subway headquarter and was told to shutdown the train and leave.  The driver was repeated told to take the key used to activate the train.  No mention was made of the passengers.  Tragically, the train doors were closed when he took the key out and left, leaving the passengers inside.  While train doors can be opened manually in a few minutes, tests have shown that untrained person can take as much as 30 minutes to open a door.  Result is what you see below.

Knowing Korean society well, I think it is almost certain that at least one more person will die, if not suicide then by homicide.  Can anyone live with so much guilt?