Freaking Cool Three Degrees

Three Degrees is way cool.  Its website is also cool.  Its so cool, its creeping me out.  Why?  Because its a Microsoft product.  I am used to Microsoft putting out a shitty product and then polish it into a monster product while everyone is laughing at the first release.  I am not used to Microsoft putting out really creative product like Three Degree.  Its freaking scary!

threedegrees So here I go – anxiously downloading the beta version of Microsoft's new Three Degrees product – and OOOooops – it only works with XP.  This is what I've been trying to tell people – Microsoft has no intention of supporting anything before XP. [Marc's Voice]

Marc seems upset that Three Degrees works only on XP.  Why not?  New machines and new platforms are where the money is flowing fastest.  Those outdated 800 million PCs out there are owned by folks who are either happy with what they have or can't afford to buy latest machines.  Neither group are likely to buy new software.  Sure its a Swiss Cheese of an argument, but I have been a consultant for 20 years and I know where consulting dollars are being readily spent: at the bleeding edge.