Interesting case of cyberlaw jurisdiction

US has its share of greedy opportunists and so does Korea.  This is a case of some greedy Koreans registering domain names as soon as they get a whiff of merger news.  They shame me.  The interesting part is the jurisdiction conflict between Virginia and Korean courts.  Localized trademarks and related domain names will be fountain of trouble in the future also.

Text of GLOBALSANTAFE.COM In Rem Domain Name Decision. Thanks to a Blog Reader at Skadden for forwarding a copy of the GLOBALSANTAFE.COM decision, in which the District Court in Viriginia exercised in rem jursidiction over a domain name, and ordered Verisign, the .com registry operation (located in Virginia) to cancel a domain name, despite a stay issued by a Korean court. [The Trademark Blog]

I remember Koreans getting upset a few years ago over foreigners registering popular Korean words as domain names.  If you can't grok, imagine some enterprising Iraqi registering  A lot of emotions are packed into words and domain names are no different.