Feeds out of service

FYI, my RSS feeds are out of service temporarily.

It's related to compression and HTTP headers.  For some reason, gzipped feed content is showing up as garbage for some people.  On my desktop, IE can read the feed just fine but not on my laptop.  Turning off compression on the server-side (by massanging metabase.xml) doesn't quite work either because the compressor is slipping in somehow after a while.


Feeds now seem to be working although IE on my laptop still thinks the feeds are bad.  I think that IE's configuration is screwed up somehow.  Unfortunately, I don't want to reinstall it because that will cause too many annoyances.  Oh, well.

Another problem is that sometimes gzip encoded response is received although gzip is not in the Accept-Encoding.  I have yet to figure out if this is because a proxy is serving up cached copy without honoring Accept-Encoding header or simply IIS behaving erroneously.