I had an amusing thought today.  I thought, if America was a ship, shipmates would look upon Bush as a Jonah.  While he may explain away every accusations leveled at him, even he would have to agree that he presided over a lot of bad luck.

Unreasonable?  Yes.  Unfair?  Absolutely.  But what would you do if your ship is half wrecked, stuck in the middle of the ocean without a trace of wind nor passing ships, and running out of food?  Superstitious sailors would toss the Jonah overboard and keep their fingers acrossed.

I have met people who had extraordinary strings of bad luck.  Everything that could go wrong would go wrong.  Car accidents, illness, failing business, ruined reputations and relationships.  Koreans believe bad lucks are brought upon by bad karma.  If you or your ancestors did bad things, bad luck will visit you and your offsprings.

One way to ward off bad luck and ensuring good luck is to find good gravesites for your ancestors and good locations for your home or business.  If your family or business has been suffering a string of bad lucks, bad feng-shui (poong-soo in Korean) is usually suspect.  If it's not feng-shui, then it must be the spirits so a moo-dang (voodoo doctor or channeler of sort) is called to to shoo the bad spirits away.

I doubt many people in Korea still believes this stuff, but the prevailing attitudes are 'what else can we do' and 'why take unnecessary chances?'

Maybe Bush should call in a moo-dang into the White House to see what pissed our founding fathers off.  Heh.