Webskins for InfoWorld

InfoWorld's new design is driving me nuts.  Despite being old, it still has stories I want to read, but the new design bothers the heck out me like I am staring at some health insurance brochure.  I want to be able to view websites the way I want to and not be forced into web designer's latest whim.  I want to use webskins to view webpages.  Webskins can be general or site/page/fragment specific.  Whenever I am viewing a site, I should be able to click on a bookmarklet like Jon Udell's LibraryLookup to find a selection of webskins I can use for a particular website or webpage I was looking at.  I hope I don't have to build this myself.  I got more distractions than I can deal with at the moment.

Update: I found a commercial ASP.NET component called Xheo.WebSkin that can be used to build skinnable websites.  This is a server-side solution for those who have control over the website.  Webskins I have in mind morph web content on the receiving end, clients and proxies, and at not the website.  Legal rammifications are there but I think 'reasonable use' of web content applies here.  If I listen to Madonna's songs underwater, am I violating some law?

Come to think of it, maybe I should call this WebLens or WebLenz (weblens.com is not available but weblenz.com is).