New Korean president kicks Korean police

Much of President Roh Moo-hyun's cabinet was announced today.  So far, there are four women in his cabinet.  Biggest surprise was that Kang Goom-shil, a 46 year old woman, was appointed as the new Attorney General, first woman to hold that position.  While I am very happy to see it happen, it was a total shock.

In Korean justice system, seniority rules supreme.  So when someone is promoted for one reason or another, those with higher seniority but lower rank resigns to avoid the taboo of higher seniority taking orders from lower seniority.  Crazy, but true.

The new Attorney General has 11 years less seniority than the head of police who must take orders from her.  When the possibility of her appointment was raised, people with higher seniority than her threatened to quit (no wonder, they will have to quit anyway if they follow the tradition).  President Roh appointed her anyway and effectively said "f**k seniority".  I like his style.