Its all in the <description>

Check out the RSS 2.0 feed for job information.

Looking for a job in Spartanburg, South Carolina? It's now a weblog with an RSS 2.0 feed, a first, as far as I know, and a very valid application of RSS. [Scripting News]

While I am very happy with new application of RSS like this, it is disappointing to see all the key information crammed into <description> tags.  Best solution is to add more details to input forms, but this is not always possible because most people zone out when are faced with a complex form.  With complex forms, there must be a compelling reason to fill it out, like getting tax refund for filing out the tax form.

Textual search technologies, often used with monolithic text, can easily handle seaching with time and location parameters.  Does Google search engine know that San Francisco is 1 hour drive away from San Jose?  Does my RSS reader know?  We'll see a lot of interesting future development in this area.