More Comments on Misgivings about Social Software

Interesting string of comments to Ming the Mechanic's post referring to my Misgivings about Social Software post [via Ray Ozzie's post about superconductive relationships].  I particularly liked this comment made by Ming.

"Maybe it is exactly what we need. That we're able to group together into drastically different realities. As opposed to us all arriving at some kind of uniform agreement about everything. I am pretty sure that we need lively, creative diversity, as opposed to bland uniformity.

But the fears that it brings up is if it enables people to walk around together in what might be perceived as more negative or dysfunctional realities. Such as violent, hate-based, mis-informed communities who start taking action based on their shared beliefs.

So, maybe better social software would allow the ku-klux klan to organize better, and to feed itself with self-supporting information. Maybe it will enable gangs of delusional teens who think the world is a dungeon where you shoot Nazi's with bigger and bigger guns. But I think I'll lean towards believing that the larger effects of better communication will more than balance out the potentially dangerous aspects.

Powerful social software might allow a small group of people to work closely together on some nefarious plot. But it might also allow millions of other people to work together on rendering such a plot useless. "

BTW, Blogland sure is a bewildering place, but services like Technorati helps quite a bit.  Using Technorati, I found people discussing my post around the globe .  Too bad, I can only read in English and Korean.