Chaotic Automagic

Responding to my Introducing Chaos to Social Software post, Chuck Lawson nails the issue I was wrestling with in his post titled Where's the love, Baby?  He wrote:

"These systems seem like great ideas, but like Don, I’ve found that it takes a degree of effort I’m not likely to make to really benefit from them.  I signed up for “Friendster” awhile back, and after a half-hearted cruise through my address book, managed to get four people to sign up in my network.  I guess they’re not any more gregarious than I am, since they haven’t signed anyone else up.  Since browbeating people I’ve already sent invitations to feels a little bit too much like trying to peddle mlm distributorships, my “social networking” efforts are pretty much at a standstill."

"So, until folks like Don, and aggressive networkers like Marc Canter (on whose site I found the link to Don’s article) work out some sort of automagic system to drag the rest of us introverts into the social network revolution, the best idea I can come up with is to park an invitation here." – Chuck Lawson

I particularly love the word 'automagic'.  It's one of the things I try to strive for when working on UI.  Although I hardly qualify as an introvert, I hate to disturb other people.  Unless I am in midst of my gregarious fit, of course.  When you see me yacking 1000 words a minute, run like hell.  It's worse that core dump after a full meal.