A social network caught in the Web

Here is a rare find, thanks to Howard Reingold.

"Lada A. Adamic and Eytan Adar of HP's Information Dynamics Lab and Orkut Buyukkokten of Google applied scale-free network metrics to the social network of an online community, poked the social network in various ways, and discovered juicy stuff. HP researchers created a Friendster-like online social network, then mined it for information about the real-life social networks it reflected. After the online community, "Club Nexus," had been cooking for a couple of months, the researchers asked participants to rate how "trusty," "nice," "cool," and "sexy" every one of their buddies were, on a scale of one to four. The plot thickened."

The 326K PDF can be directly accessed here.  Yummy!  I'll mention a few people here, who enjoy this sort of intellectual candy, so they can find the paper via Technorati.  I wonder if other people are [mis?]-using Technorati for notification purpose like me?