Blond Bombshell on Java Desktop

Sun is making a new Java Desktop push.  Check out the jgoodies (sorry) at JavaDesktop, a community.  JGoodies, ready-to-go Swing library for crisp look and feel that rivals SWT, is being open sourced at the site.  JNDC, Java Desktop Network Components, is a XUL-like mechanism.  Read Amy Fowler's whitepaper on JNDC which was good enough to excited Gerald Bauer, the main guy behind Luxor-XUL project.  He wrote in an e-mail to XML-DEV:

"Amy Fowler (a blond bombshell working for Sun if I dare to say (*)) wrote a whitepaper titled "Java Desktop Network Components (JDNC): Boosting Interactivity and Productivity at the Same Time" for the new site (part of the new Sun Community initiative)."

Amy is indeed cute enough for even me to "XUL-over" and her paper is recommended if you are into Java, XML, or UI.