Tiger Wood PGA Tour 07 for Wii

I've been eagerly waiting for Tiger Wood PGA Tour 07 for Wii because I enjoyed the golf game in Wii Sports. But the game didn't live up to my expectation. Why the hell didn't they just embrace and extend Wii Sports golf game?
Instead of just swinging the club to practice, I have to press '-' to get into practice mode. And to hit the ball, I have to press the B (trigger) button instead of the A (thumb) button. Swinging the 'club' while keeping the B button pressed feels very awkward, enough to make me wary of repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome which I've learned to avoid while typing. It feels better when the club is swing one-handed but that's not what I want to do.
Just as aggravating is the putting screen. Once the ball is on the green, putting mode starts which turns the tranquil green into a f**king disco. WTF? And having to watch a cut scene of my character grimacing every time I hit the ball made me feel like strangling my own avatar.
All I really wanted was more courses and more accurate swing detection for Wii Sports golf game because that game was designed to perfection. Instead, what I got was a moronic game which I stopped playing after just 10 minutes of constant head-shaking.


There are many things wrongs with the game which I forgot to mention: confusing flow, unreadable scores and stats, frequent false swings, putting stutters, unusable character designer, etc. When you first start the game, a tutorial starts automatically without an obvious way to get out of the tutorial. Then when you try to start a game, you have to do this funny dance of selecting your character. And overall feel of the game just didn't compare to Wii Sports golf game. Definitely not recommendable. I would rather pay $100 to get a dozen new courses for the Wii Sports version than this crap.