Twitter Killer App

There he goes again. Dave Winer hooked up NYT feed to Twitter, turning Twitter into a high frequency syndication network of sort, a killer app for Twitter IMHO. Since it's a personal use, it doesn't have the hangups of social use. Social angle can still have high relevant though if it is easy to 'bounce' individual one-liner news (hopefully with links intact) to one's twitter account. Bouncing incoming news to network of followers makes Twitter viral and turns useless "what I am doing" chatter into more useful "what I am interested in", a meaningful context for conversations and reference point. In simple-speak, interests last much longer than acts (most of which are irrelevant, not only to others but to the user).
New solutions create new problems. If Twitter becomes a medium for real-time mobile news delivery, user experience could suffer because there is only one inbox: the user's Twitter account. Something clever has to be done to help users sort things out. Another big problem is the misfit between Twitter's trickle-like user experience and flood-like output news media as a whole pumps out. News filtering technologies will have to be weaved in carefully to choke the flood without destroying ease of use.
Anyway. Kudos to Dave for coming up with an ass-simple (aka obvious in hindsight) use for Twitter.