Microdocs’ response to my Google rant

Microdocs, aka Dr Elwyn Jenkins, posted a rather long response to my rant about searching for WebCore source using Google.  He wrote:

"Now what exactly do you want Google to fix Don? That there are a whole lot of other pages now talking about WebCore that are not relevant to you?"

"No longer is it adequate to simply search Google using a single word for anything you want. Any word you use now needs to be contextualized. There needs to be other words surrounding the keyword you are after to identify the theory or ideas about that keyword which are important to you. After all, if Google is to deliver a page of relevant search results, how does Google know which theory, or idea, or context, you are thinking that this lone word is going to be in?"

He has completely missed the point I am making.  "WebCore" is a NAME, somewhat uncommon name at that.  While I agree that discussions about WebCore are valid search targets as WebCore source code, it is NOT unreasonable to expect the NAMED OBJECT to be on the FIRST PAGE instead of being buried under discussions ABOUT the object.

This is not about one word key search, but about common sense.  To find out about Safari, I wouldn't just use "Safari" to find what I want.  I would use "Safari Apple Browser" to remove ambiguity.  Finding reviews is easy enough by adding "reviews" keyword.  Now how the hell do I tell Google whether I want to find an object or discussions about that object?  If Google has problems identifying a blog, so will Google users!

Google's business is helping people finding things in return for exposure to advertisements, not forcing people to adapt to changes that Google can shield them from.  Google should work according to common sense so even my wife and son can find things easily most of the time.  Anything short of that belongs in the junkyard.