Lolicons prefer Amazon Japan

I wonder what Jeff Bezos would say about this. Above picture is of a DVD on sale at Amazon Japan. Apparently, it features a 12 year old girl (my chinese is rusty but I recognize the age character next to 12) wearing what appears to be a thong. I know there were some controversies over whether underage girls should be allowed to wear thongs in America and some probably do but, as far as I know, no one is selling DVD of them posing erotically. It may be legal in Japan but it's disturbing nonetheless to see America's close ally pushing their obsession with kawaii so far.

According to a recent informal street poll of japanese men, more than 90% admitted to having some attraction to underage teenage girls, 5% to preteen. When is it too late for a society to right itself? When should a foreign country interfere and at what level?