Closing Doors to Identity Abuse

It's not the theft of identity that concerns people. It's what thieves do with stolen identity. So if there was a way to prevent high damage activities thieves can do with stolen identity, we would all be better off. How often does an average adult apply for a new credit card or get a mortgage? For most people, the answer will be rarely. And when those occasions arise, the time window is relatively brief. So why are we keeping the door open all the time, inviting thieves?
I wouldn't mind paying for an identity service that helps me control specific uses of my identity, informing providers of affected services accordingly. In a way, it's a security related application of Doc Searls' VRM idea. When I am ready, I'll let you know. Until then, refuse applications from me. Even better, call the police so unsuspecting identity-thieves will get caught.
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