Update on Googling WebCore source code

It has been over a week since my rant on Google's inability to rank objects over subjects using WebCore source code as an example.  Some folks suggested that I should have used "WebCore source code" instead of just "WebCore" to search.

As of 6:37pm Father's Day 2003, searching for "WebCore source code" on Google returns the target link as 8th result.  But here are the interesting parts:

  • Microdoc's response to my rant is the 2nd result.
  • My rant itself is the 9th result.

What is the chance of the target link being bumped off the first page after a couple more blog exchanges between me and Microdocs?  If a few more superlinked blog gets into the discussion, how long before the target link is bumped off the second page?  Was I searching for WebCore source code or discussions about Google PageRank problems?

UPDATE: After writing this post, I searched again.  This time, Microdocs's response to my rant is the 1st and target link was the 4th.  Interesting.

Update: Direct link to WebCore Source Code to make it first as Már Örlygsson suggested.