Aggregator Echo in Technorati and Blog Search Engines

I am not sure if others have noticed this as well, but I am seeing 'echo' in Technorati and Feedster results from server-side news aggregation.

For example, AbstractDynamics goes beyond blogroll by displaying recent posts from each blogs on the blogroll.  While this feature is probably helpful to AbstractDynamics readers, it does confuse Technorati enough to mistakenly conclude that AbstractDynamics posted a response to each of the listed articles from the blogroll.  Likewise, news aggregated by myRSS shows up in Feedster.

While the problem is not serious yet, I think it is a problem that has to be addressed soon or later.  I believe that, just as ability to distinguish object from subject in Google is important, ability to distinguish references from aggregation in BlogLand is important.  Solutions like Universal Robots Tag might help, but they are meaningless without awareness and cooperation from bloggers.