Why I can’t use my yellow boat this summer

As I mentioned before, I avoided photography because it felt artificial to me.  I want to do it naturally and appropriately, not like a kid who got a shotgun for his sixteenth birthday.  So I am using my little camera to add to a little story.

Several weeks ago, I saw a really fat bird that I haven't seen before.  It looked similar to a pigeon, but smaller and different in color and patterns.  It seemed too overweight to fly far, so it was hopping around my backyard.  Then I realized that it was dancing to court another bird, an even fatter bird, fat enough to drag its bottom.  I watched them dance around for a few days and thought no more about them.

Two weeks ago, my wife told me that those birds have built a nest on top of an inflated rubber boat I hung outside on the side of my house.  We began laying down birdfeeds regularly to make sure the newlywed birds didn't have to fly far to feed.  I guess we completely forgot how fat they were just a few weeks ago.  Duh.

Today, the weather was fantastic as you can see in the picture above, blue sky, no wind, and comfortably hot.  Then I realized that I wouldn't be able to use the boat for most of this summer because of the birds.  I then thought, this little story would make a good story for my blog.  Heh.  Here is a closeup of the mother bird sitting in its nest on top of the rubber boat.  I particularly love its eyes, most beautiful eyes I have seen on a bird.

Why do I keep my rubberboat inflated?  Lazyness, pure and simple.  Besides, it makes a great nest.  If you are in the Bay Area, I hope you are able to enjoy the great weather too.  It's too good to be wasted inside an office.