Ann Frank to Tony Perkins

In Dying To Tell You Our Stories, Halley Suitt has a message for Tony Perkins* of AlwaysOn, a supposedly blog for Insiders:

"Let me start by saying, Tony Perkins is NOT Anne Frank.   …enter this inner sanctum with head bowed, hat in hand. Tread lightly in this place. Show us your real self. We're naked here, are you? We're alive here, but we're also dying. Dying to tell you our stories." – Halley Suitt

Halley has good eyes and know how to tell it like it is.

* I tried to find a link to Tony Perkins' blog, but all I found were articles he wrote in AlwaysOn.  Tony has a lot of learning to do ahead of him if he insist on his interpretation of what a blog is.  Frankly, I think he'll do much better if he stopped associating AlwaysOn with blogging.