Why I Blog

I blog because I am selfish.  I get ideas, opinions, and noise in my head that want out in one form or another.  The least expensive form is blogging.  As I streak across the sky called life, I pickup debris that will slow me down or change my direction unless I cast it aside.  My blog is the long tail of a comet called me.

However, not everything I post are castaways.  I frequently post information that I think will help others.  Am I performing a service for the world?  Maybe.  I do this mostly because it makes me feel good just like taking a hot shower after a day long hike feels good.  Othertimes, I do it out of habit.  Do I want the world to be grateful for the service I provide?  Yes.  Why?  Because I would be unhappy otherwise.

I blog because I am a Selfish Pig.  Scratch my back a little to the left please.  Ahh.  That feels good.  My Selfish Pig view of life was intentionally constructed in my youth because I felt confused and miserable.  After a failed shopping expedition through all the existing suits of philosophies and religions, I found nothing that fit me comfortably.  So I proceeded to build one myself, one that fits me perfectly using a fabric with no ends so it can't be unraveled later.  The result is the Selfish Pig:

  • I am happy when I am scratched.
  • I am unhappy when I am poked.
  • I am a pig and no more.

Three simple ingredients that interacts with the nature of the container, me, to explain and guide the comet's path.  By now, you should have realized that my use of the word Selfish differs from how most people use it.  Mother Teresa and Buddha were Selfish Pigs that felt most happy when others are happy.  If you find previous sentence upsetting, try removing all negative aspect of the word Selfish and Pig.  Whether there is even an ounce of truth in Selfish Pig matters little.  I like it because it is useful and fits me well.

Dave, try putting on a coat of Selfish Pig lotion and see if it makes the pain go away.  If not, I can try to whip up something that will.  Most importantly, you should do what makes you happy, Dave.  Don't think about what others think unless not doing so makes you unhappy.  While you are at it, please scratch my back a little.  Your poke today made me sad and unhappy.