Comcast Sucks

My first broadband at home was @Home which started a not so jolly adventure in which I felt I was at the receiving end of a gang-bang.  After getting bad service from @Home, and more of the same from AT&T, I am now in the hands of Comcast.  June 30th was the switch over from AT&T to Comcast which was confusing to say the least.

Their Transition Wizard did nothing for my setup except do annoying things like changing my browser home to  And then I had to dig around Comcast site to find the POP3 and SMTP addresses which are:


Your username and password remains the same.  You can't change any of your mailbox settings just now because website won't let you login using those username and password just now.  Customer service guy told me to give it 24 hours out of which I have only 8 hours left as of this post.

One major bad news is that USENET support is now provided by GigaNews, but with 1 gig per month cap.  Getting started ain't easy either.  You have to login to website (which you can't at the moment) and turn it on somehow and then wait for GigaNews to send you the password (I think the username at GigaNews is your Comcast login name prefixed with "gn".  BTW, GigaNews newsgroup server address is:

Update 1: A little more on newsgroup situation.  Old AT&T newsgroup server is still available at '' although I don't know how long it will last.  Another part of website indicates that the Giganews newsgroup server address is:

although I couldn't login yet just like website.  Phewy.

Update 2: I was finally able to login.  Newsgroup server address is indeed  Hurrah!  BTW, GigaNews username and password has no relation to Comcast username and password.