AdSense Trial

Google accepted my blog for AdSense so the AdSense trial is on.  I opted to put horizonal ads after the last post of each day.  I appologize if my ad-enabling my blog offends you and I'll understand if you decide to stop visiting during the trial.  BTW, there will be no ads in my RSS feed (unless I made a mistake in my Radio configuration).

Please don't click on the ads for my sake.  I know this is what was happening with the high click-through rate at Tim Bray and Russell Beattie blogs.  Trial means exactly that, a trial, and not a tip cup.  Also, don't forget to send me feedback not just on how it looks or annoys you.  Tell me how it changes your view toward the blog and ideas on how a blog might display ads harmoniously.


Update 1: Well, the learning process continues.  It turns out Google wants only one ad banner per page.  Since a blog home page shows more than one day of posts, I moved the bannder script down up to page level.  The ads haven't shown up yet though and it might be visible only if you are coming from Google.

Update 2: Ads finally showed after an HTML bug was fixed.  Horizontal ad stuckout like a sore thumb no matter where I put it.  So I switched to a vertical one and placed it below the blogroll so it won't appear too intrusively.  Nothing comes up in the stat page though.

Update 3: Obviously, there are some problems with AdSensibility.  I mentioned some Korean baseball players just a few days ago and Google decided that my site should show 3 baseball-related ads out of 4 ads.  Hmm.