AdSense Trial Update #1

After twenty hours of AdSense trial, the ads have gotten over 1000 impressions and almost 20 clicks.  Hmm.  Isn't 1.6% clickthrough rate just a little on the high side?  I thought it was around 1%.

My AdSelect idea will probably result in much higher-clickthrough than AdSense, particularly if greater flexibility in layout and personal comment via tooltip is allowed.  I am now thinking about making it happen, maybe co-op style or through a partnership with Google or DoubleClick.

AdSelect can become more of an endorsement network and product quality filter.  Another crazy angle is that it has the potential to turn into an identity/reputation network.  How about this weird piece: You Are What You Recommend?  Reputation network is, in essence, distribution of reputation.  But reputation must radiate from somewhere, meaning you need a starting point.  Interesting thoughts.  Need more thoughts though.

Another thought.  AdSense ads don't appear in RSS feeds because it is just plain irritating when ads follow you around.  If AdSelect thing works out, it might make AdSelect RSS feeds (a channel of just ads for products I endorse) worth subscribing to so people can learn about what new products I like.

These kind of ideas are what I was after when I started my AdSense trial.  Good ideas are linked by dumb ideas.