Brief Intermission

I haven't had a chance to blog today but expect to be back blogging as usual by tommorrow.  Why?  Too much work and too much fun.  Well, work is not actually too much, just urgent need to get screen mockups done by Friday.

Fun part is actually more involving.  I started playing with Ming, a C++ Flash output library, last night and ran into a series of trouble which led to updating my cygwin installation which went haywire.  By the time I put the Humpty Dumpty back together it was 3am.  I then plowed right back into Ming only to find Make, Flex, Bison, and SWIG version troubles.  Oh, joy.  During the course of cleaning that up, I discovered that many parts of Ming were out of sync with each other.  Fixed that but code is not running so I started debugging only to smack into Python/MSVC runtime version issues.  As I got ready to rebuild Python from scratch, I looked up and saw it was 5am so I crawled back inside my coffin.

Using open source tools and libraries is like playing with mud.