Spirited Away

I saw Hayao Miyazaki's anime Spirited Away last night.  Fantastic!  Great story and impressive graphical style using a fine mix of traditional cartoon, oil painting, filtered digital imagery, and photorealistic 3D rendering.

Character drawings looked as simple as Saturday morning cartoons, but body expressions and motions for Chihiro was really good.  They must have studied how young teenage girls behave very carefully.   Same amount of detail wasn't apparent in rest of the cast, but I was too busy looking at the background scenery to mind.

My favorite character was No Face, a masked ghost that starts eery and then shift your emotions through friendly, suspicious, disgusting, pitiful, and finally content as the movie progresses.  Witch's baby brat was funny when it turned into a fat rat, but not understandable.  So, No Face Rules!  I recommend Spirited Away strongly.