Welcome to North Korea

My father called today to tell me that he will be leaving South Korea tommorrow to visit North Korea.  I assumed he is going via China.  Who knows?  He might have made arrangements to just walk across.  He has been there a couple of times more than ten years ago, but this is the first visit since he was allowed into South Korea.  Why wasn't he allowed into South Korea?  Well, he exercised his Righteous Might a few years ago and former President didn't want him in the country.

My father is one crazy guy.  I mean crazy in a good way.  Frankly, I never saw a more naive person than my father.  When I was young, I used to notice my father going out wearing a good looking jacket and coming back home without a jacket.  He would literally give his shirt off his back to his friends.  His friends weren't taking advantage of him either.  They would accidentally say nice things about his jacket and he would demand that they take his jacket or stop being friend with him.  Yup.  Definitely crazy.

Anyway, North Korea is about to get another taste of my pop.  I am not too worried.  If I remember correctly, I think Kim Jong-Il said some nice things about my father a few years ago.  At least they won't be able to make him disappear.  I have deep sympathy for whoever it is that end up as his guide while he is there.  Last time, he stopped and blocked a major bridge in Pyungyang so he can enjoy the view and take a few snapshots.

I am proud of him, but I instinctively look for a bombshelter when I am around him.  Have you ever met a person who appear to be three sizes larger in person and turns the very air as thick as soup on a dime?  I have met a lot of famous people, but there is only one person who can do that, my dad.  Come back home safely Dad.  We love you very much.