Blog Brix

I enjoy camping because being busy doing nothing in midst of fresh air and enjoyable inconvenience of nature brings a rush of peculiar nothing that wash away all old thoughts and leave recollectable remains.  If you are still trying to make sense of the last sentence, you are missing the point.  Anyway, I found something interesting on the beach after that mental storm: how will blogs become webpages?

Even if one can look ahead a few years, knowing how it will happen step by step is not easy.  So I thought about what should happen in the next step.  The answers that popuped up were:

  1. blog pages will be broken up into modular and configurable components.
  2. bloggers will be able to build custom-built blogs simply by selecting and arranging components from blog component vendors.
  3. blog component tools and services will flourish and expand into non-blog functionalities.
  4. blogging services such as TypePad, AOL, and LiveJournal will use blog components as an important barrier against migration.

So far so good.  Breaking up a blog is easy enough.  There is the blog content area which breaks down further into days and weeks.  There is also the calendar with nativation functionality.  Blogroll is another key component.  Blog search and backtracking component will become more important.  Multimedia components will gain popularity as well starting with faceroll, slideshows, etc.  Components for advertising, stock tracking, movie listing, music and book recommending, endorsements, and identities (i.e. FOAF) are also just down the road.

More I think about this, clearer the picture becomes as I come up with details and nod them into place.  Now what to call it.  Need a neat catchy name.  Portlet is no good since its Java tainted and stink of API (BTW, public review draft of Portlet spec was recently released).  Bloglet, Pagelet, Weblet are taken.  Inlet sounds good but too easy to overlook in print.  Hmm.  How about Brix as in web bricks or blog bricks?

Maybe I should change my job title to Technologist.  Engineer nor Architect seems to fit me too well these days.  Believe it or not, my job title was Rainmaker in my last job.  An eccentric voodoo man dancing for rain seemed like a good fit.  Heh.