Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I got back yesterday from three days of camping at Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  The park is pretty close to my house on the map, but getting there and back takes a while, thanks to winding roads.  On the way there, I took the direct route over the mountain range which made my son car sick.  If you are thinking of going there from the Peninsula, take the southern route that follows the stream down to Santa Cruz.  The other route route twists and turns enough to drop the joy of nature into a puke bag.

Once we were there, we initially got a campsite at Huckleberry camp, but switched to another camp next to a creek.  Here are a some pictures from the trip.

My son and I on top of a redwood over the creek
…and my wife taking the picture in the creek

My son caught an alien scout from Andromeda

Before we left, we bought a Coastal Redwood sapling to plant in our back yard.  We live in Redwood City where there only a few Redwoods left.  Now there is one more.