Pissed-off Illustrated

In my post Pissed off on Sept 28, 2002, I mentioned Kim Doo-Han, a famous man in Korean history.  He became famous in his youth as the toughest gangster in Korea with his lightening flying kicks and thunderous fists.  He was also admired for standing up to Japanese oppression and secretly ransacking rich Japanese houses.

After Korea was liberated, he got into politics, initially beating and occasionally killing communists (his father, a famous general who fought in Manchuria against Japanese army, was killed by a communist) and later becoming a congressman.  Needless to say, he added a lot of excitement to disgustingly corrupted Korean politics.  How disgusting?  It was disgusting enough to cause a son to commit patricide because his father, a well known politician, was corrupt.

One of Kim Doo-Han's famous acts was throwing pig's urine all over Korean Congress because other congressmen were trying to cover up an incident in which one of Samsung's division was caught smuggling saccarine from Japan.  I mentioned it briefly in Pissed off but I didn't have any pictures.  Well, I found them on OhmyNews.com (Korean).  Enjoy.  Don't forget to mention that you have seen these hard to find pictures of Kim Doo-Han to your Korean friends.  If they are old enough to watch TV, they will know who he is.

Kim Doo-Han, God Father + Robin Hood + Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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