Pie/Echo/Atom (PEA) Dinner

Pie/Echo/Atom (PEA) dinner was held yesterday at Hunan on Sansome just off the seaward side of Broadway.  David Galbraith and I met before the dinner at Bastille.  After tossing a great salad of ideas over beer, we trekked up toward Broadway.  Oy.  I hate walking uphill.  My flatfoot didn't help either.  When we got to Hunan, there were about twenty people already waiting to be seated.  Then the dinner happened.  Here are some pictures I took.

This blog dinner was more technical than usual since because it was centered around PEA topics.  I had some good technical exchange with Sam Ruby, David Sifry, and Mark Pilgrim who were sitting at my table.  At one point, I asked "What happened to the appkey?" to which Mark echoed (sorry) and Sam scratched.  Yes, appkey is not in the Atom API.  So I walked over to Evan Williams and asked the same question and his answer was:

What appkeys?

We all had a good laugh about it but concluded that appkey should be added to the Atom API.  I think appkey is not a viable solution in most commercial applications, but it does the job as an interim solution and should be supported as an optional parameter.

Overall, I had a great time and got some great ideas from the dinner.  It wasn't really anything specific anyone said at the dinner.  It was more like gaining sudden insights in a struggle to make sense of all the opinions, ideas, questions, and answers flying around.  Yes, that's it.  That is where the money is.  Too bad Joi wasn't around when I got to that part.

Dinner rollcall from Christian Crumlish:

Christian Crumlish, Mark Nottingham, John Beatty, Mark Graham, Dan Beldy, Jay Feinberg, Nick Chalko, Marc Canter, Kevin Burton, Sam Ruby, Phil Wolff, Don Park, Greg Reinacker, Simon Fell, Mark Pilgrim, Chris Alden, Joi Ito, Jason Shellen, Evan Williams, David Galbraith, David Sifry, Joe Gregorio