Packaging OCSP Responses

Is there a standard format for packaging multiple OCSP (Open Certificate Status Protocol) responses into a single file/stream?  A digitial signature validation could result in multiple OCSP responses and letting users deal with multiple DER files is too awkward from usability point of view.

For now, I am thinking of storing multiple BASE64-encoded OCSP responses in a XML file.  Properly designed, the XML format should be able to store other information related a valdiation session such as OCSP requests, signature itself, implementation bits, etc.  This way it can be used as a general log of a validation session which can be used as a proof of validation.

Also I have noticed that, although there are many tools and software for OCSP developers, there aren't many tools for users.  For example, a simple GUI-based OCSP response viewer could be pretty handy.  An embeddable version would be even better so I can use it to build a viewer for the 'OCSP Log' file I mentioned above.