Where is the Syndication in RSS?

Gary Lawrence Murphy is being bombarded with RSS requests.  Where is the syndication in RSS when majority of RSS feeds are directly consumed?  With a good RSS news aggregator, it's just too easy to subscribe and forget.  Are you as vigilant in unsubscribing from uninteresting feeds as you are in subscribing to interesting feeds?  I don't think so.  Scale it up and you can see the problem.

Each of us as readers don't fully appreciate how much RSS data each of us are downloading everyday or every hour.  Me?  I am pulling down tens of megabytes every morning.  Am I reading tens of megabyes of information every morning?  Not even close.  I'll read maybe half a megabyes at the most and I'll be scanning most of that even which leaves only a hundred kilobytes of information which I do actually 'read' every morning.

While RSS allows information consumers to efficiently cover large number of information sources, the efficiency is subjective and there are wastes that we should be more concerned about and continue to strive against before it can sink us all.