Frankly the Constitution is Vulnerable

General Franks say that harsh reaction to a WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) attack on America could destroy the Constitution.  I agree with him.  America is a loaded gun without a safety mechanism.  As individuals, we are intelligent and reasonable.  As a nation we are as reasonable as an angry penguin on ice.

Even the typical wimpiness of Democats, usually a reliable counter-balance to typical boneheadedness of Republicans, evaporate when the Nation is attacked with shocking force.  While the Constitution can safeguard against abuse of power, it offers no protection against lossing our collective heads.

Unfortunately, I don't see a workable safety mechanism against this.  I don't think mandatory cooling off period has any chance as an amendment to the Constution.  My only consolation is that I am not on the working end of that loaded gun.