My Google Number

Latest Google fad seems to be calculating Google Number (via Elliotte Rusty Harold).  A person's Google Number is the number of results return by Google when queried with the person's name in double quotes like "Don Park".  Bill Gates and Michael Jackson are both around 2,900,000.  Dave Winer is 194,000 and Don Box is 127,000.  My google number is 83,700 which seems too high.

The problem is that my name is not unique enough, which means there are several Don Parks contributing to my google number.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to figure out what percentage of the Google search result is associated with me because results are sorted by Google page-ranking scores which is affected by my being a blogger.  Sampling first ten pages reveals that only about two percent of the results are not associated to me.  Hmm.

Anyway, Google Number is good for ego masturbation.  Try it when you are feeling depressed during the holiday season.  If your head gets too big, go stand in line at the nearest DMV for an hour.