Last time I have been in an adult shop was about two years ago.  My wife was in Korea visiting her relatives and I was bored and horny but too lazy to go hunting for some skin.  Yes, it's the sad story of a Don Juan turned couch potato.  Anyhoo, I haven't been in an adult shop for a long time so I thought a visit was called for.  Besides, my wife not being at home widens the range of raunchyness I can mix with popcorn.

While checking out the boxes, I saw that many of the boxes had a category sticker labeled Gonzo.  Gonzo?  Is that some new fetish for the X-Generation?  So I asked the perv standing next to me what Gonzo was.  Despite his apparent embarrasement and suspicion (?!?), he explained that adult flicks with outrageous actions are labeled as Gonzo.  Gonzo!

You see how educational blogs can be?  For more education on a similar subject, read Tim Bray's Debbie does BitTorrent.