Sandhill Flea Market

When I woke up yesterday — I am waking up yesterday and going to sleep tomorrow these days — I had this funny mix of DEMO conference and flea market in my head.  What if a DEMO conference could be held every month?  The ideal place for it is in Palo Alto near the Sandhill Road.  Stanford will work as well.  More informal setting would be the little shopping mall on Sandhill there (I forget the name) or Buck's parking lot.

The idea is to let people just come and show/see demos fresh off the oven.  Free for all, fun for all, and maybe a golden opportunity for some.  Quality-wise, I am more in favor of no control because people like seeing crappy stuff along-side the good stuff.  Unpredictability is what makes flea markets interesting.  Anyway, I am just musing along at this point but I think it could be fun for everyone, including the VCs.


Re comments about DEMO, I like the core concept but execution must be different given that time and resource constraints are vastly different.  We used to have monthly events in the Silicon Valley where people could just show up and demonstrate what they have been worked on.  Over time, those events were replaced by so called 'networking' meetings.  Well, I like 'walking the walk' instead of 'talking the talk'.