Murder She Wrote

Halley writes:

Blog Murder

Is there a reason Dave Winer just killed 3000 blogs — like this one (Tom Matrullo's) and this one (Dean Landsman's) and this one (Craig's Booknotes)– and no one, including Slashdot has the balls to write about it?!

At least he's taken the gloves off — if you thought he was a cuddly teddy bear friend of all bloggers — you might want to rethink that.

then she added later:

And if you want to take the time to read what I wrote — I never called anyone a "murderer" as some have claimed — and my question was why no one else had written about it.

Halley obviously has some harsh feelings against Dave, feelings that distorts her view on anything Dave does.  I think it is all right for a person to not like another person.  But I think she should have just said so instead of practically calling Dave a murderer on flimsy evidences and then, instead of apologizing, resort to playing word games.

To Both Sides of Conflict

I have a problem understanding people who routinely go beyond the needs of momentary emotional ranting to shred another person's reputation in public.  Over and over, they portray the focus of their anger as the ultimate evil.  What are they trying to accomplish?  If they are successful, then the person will be ruined professionally and shunned socially.  Is that really what they want?

If I could give them an advice, it is this:

If you are chasing, you better be ready to catch.