Eclipse 3.0 is NOT released yet

I don't know where the mix up got started but numberous websites are announcing the release of Eclipse 3.0 already.  Note that the latest version is Eclipse 3.0 RC3.  The final version will be released on June 28 or so.

BTW, I noticed that Eclipse site now has links to BitTorrent seeds for Eclipse releases.  That should come in handy at the end of this month.


Just one day after I said Eclipse 3.0 final is not released yet, they released it ahead of schedule!  I am not sure whether this is good news or bad news since RC3 was still buggy and reporting problems here and there without much explanation.  Did they fix all the bugs in one week?  Unlikely.  And the next bug fix release (3.0.1) is not scheduled until September.

My guess is that schedule of some commercial products that depended on Eclipse 3.0 might have pinched Eclipse team's schedule.  Too bad.  I would have been happy with addition month of test.

BTW, forget about downloading it until later.  My own download session is estimated to take 16 hours to completion and BitTorrent seed site doesn't have 3.0 final available.

Update 2:

I have used Eclipse 3.0 final version for 8 hours straight now and it looks pretty solid.  Search complaining in out of sync projects is annoying but I haven't figured out how to turn it off yet.

WARNING #1: Regardless of which version of Eclipse you used before, start with a clean workspace.  Old workspace configuration will confuse some plugins.  Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin was acting erratic until I did that.  For example, Tomcat would not work properly on restart without restarting Eclipse as well.  Even then the pages would sometimes appear blank.  I wasted 3 hours trying different Eclipse/Tomcat/Sysdeo settings to get it working and ended up cursing softly (everyone was asleep) and lucked out with a desperate guess.

WARNING #2: JSP files will not be added as ASCII into CVS repositories unless you specifically add it to the list of known file types.  Look under Team > CVS section of the preference dialog.

Have fun.