Switched to Firefox

I finally made Firefox the default browser because Firefox 0.9.1 cleaned up the mess introduced in 0.9 and there are at least two unpatched IE vulnerabilities. Besides, I predicted a while back that Firefox marketshare will be near 20% by the end of this year so I figured I would add to the number as well. 🙂


Urgh. It's not so easy to switch over after all. I didn't realize that my own blog editor was IE-specific. And a large number of websites I frequent are also IE-specific. For example, many Korean websites use Flash extensively and in-your-face style so I have to use IE to make them goaway.

Integration with Explorer shell is incomplete also. When I click on a shortcut, Firefox launches but I also get an error dialog underneath, something about link not found. Outlook integration sucks too. When I click on a link in a message, I again get an error dialog along with the Firefox browser. It complained about link viewer, so I specified Firefox as the link viewer and ended up with two Firefox windows. So I switch my e-mail client to Mozilla Thunderbird. More on that later.

When IE was my default browser, Firefox was the browser of convience for sites whose fonts were too small and international sites. Now that Firefox is my default browser, IE became the browser of necessity because many sites are just impossible to use without IE. *sigh*


Eeeek!  Firefox vulnerability this time.  It's a big one and very simple to exploit but, thankfully, just as easy to patch.  Whew.