Firefox Blues

For some reason, Firefox address bar stopped working today.  It simply stopped updating and also won't accept new URLs entered into it.  Only changes I made to the system today were latest set of Microsoft security patches and Sage, a Firefox extension which Tim Bray recently mentioned.

I uninstalled Sage but the problem persisted.  So I proceeded to uninstall all the extensions and restarted.  Still dead.  So I uninstalled Firefox 0.9.1 completely and went to the Mozilla website.  Woo.  Firefox 0.9.2 was out.  So I installed it only to find the problem still there.  Hmm.  Could it be that those five Microsoft security patches I installed today somehow disabled Firefox address bar?  I doubt it because Mozilla 1.6's address bar still works.  Has Sage got too clever and messed up some Firefox settings and failed to restore it during uninstall?

I don't have the answers yet because I don't have time to dick around just so I can point a finger at Microsoft.  I am sure there will be an uproar in no time if it is true so I am going to wait and listen.  Meanwhile, I am back on IE.


After posting, I realized that Mozilla application data was still in the Documents and Settings directory.  Wiping that out fixed the address bar.  So it looks like the problem was Sage.  That's the trouble with being extension happy.