Enbee.com – Upcoming Korean Blog Service

Blogging is hot in Korea right now and Enbee is a hot Korean blogging service provider which will open it's doors in September.  While they are planning to provide a wide range of blogging services, including a feature that allows bloggers to publish their own newspaper (sounds familiar, no?), their link blogging feature has been getting some notice lately.

Suman at Enbee setup an example link blog for me to take a look.  Frankly, I don't see myself using it (too lazy to keep up two blogs), but I think substantial percentage of bloggers will prefer to have link blogs over the kind that requires them to express their personal opinions.  In Korea, young folks are not encouraged to speak their mind in front of elders because a) it's immodest, b) it's what elders are suppose to do, c) they don't know jack shit, and d) they are more obsessed with saying the right thing than saying what they think.

So, I think link blogs in Korea will do well since link bloggers can be helpful to others without the danger of saying too much.  As for me, I consider my blogging habit a sort of mental exhibitionist fetish so link blogging won't deliver enough juice to me.