Work and Camp

I have been really busy with a client for the past few days, trying to get a good handle around a misbehaving web service benchmark.  Oracle JDBC drivers played a key role by hanging instead of complaining.  My opinion of Axis, an open source web service toolkit,  took a dive as well.  It's a complicated, buggy, and slow tool that makes you want to chuck it aside as soon as you use it.  Unfortunately, it's what most people are using on the Java side these days.

Thankfully, I'll be camping at Tahoe again starting this Sunday.  But before that, I got a ton of work to do Saturday.  Decent weekends are rare for me.  When I was young, I dedicated my weekends to my singles life, dating and clubing.  These days, I am working for either myself or my clients every weekend.

If I am not working on weekends, it's usually because I am recovering from too much work during the weekdays.  My method of recovery is to read or watch two three books or movies in a single sitting.  Of course, this leaves little room for quality family time so I am glad for the occasional camping.