Where did the computer go?

From News.com

"Everyone is going to be asking, 'Where did the computer go?' The entire computer (now) floats in the air," said Schiller. Apple, he said, is aiming for a machine that people will be "proud to have in their den, their living room or in the front of a small business."

Yeah, right.  *eyeroll*  Aside from the joy of pretend surprise, why would anyone want to buy an oversized batteryless laptop with detached keyboard?  Wait a minute.  It just might work.  I can ducktape it to a small powerboat battery and use it as a laptop.  Wow, a laptop with 24 hour battery life and replaceable keyboard.  I am starting to like the idea.

While I have the ducktape at hand, I can attach some table legs so it won't break my leg and some small wheels so I can drag it around.  And how about those three fans?  What's next? iceMac model with a little cup that slides out when the CPU overheats so you can drop ice cubes into it?  How about an iAngel model that opens heat-dissipating wings at the back?  Cool!