First Day of Junior High

I pulled another all nighter, but I couldn't go to sleep this morning because today is a special day for my son.  He just left on a bus to go to his junior highschool (6th grade, wow…almost a man).  It was his first ride on regular bus and alone at that.  This morning he barely ate breakfast because he was excited as well as nervous.  I thought I should just pretend today wasn't special so I was in bed when he left our house.  I didn't last more than a few minutes.  I grabbed my camera and ran out after him.

My son riding samTrans to junior high

Since I haven't posted much pictures lately, how about a couple more?

Happy to be buried alive!

Above was taken just a stone throw from our campsite at Lake Tahoe.  Camping and hanging out at the beach at the same time is the best kind of camping.

Neighborhood racoon after tasting our grapes

I was working at night when I heard a loud noise outside.  When I looked out, I saw this racoon going through our small patch of grapevines.  It sat on the wooden support and ate all the grapes, one by one, while I was staring at it.  Racoons must have special kind of nerves.  Above shot was taken when it got up to leave.  So long and thanks for all the grapes, it seemed to be saying.

Next year, I know what it will be saying, Hmm.  These grapes taste different from last year.  How do I know?  Because I'll be marking my grapes the same way as dogs do with fire hydrants.  Hah!