Spring in Autumn

This week is turning out to be a slow blogging week because I was busy wrestling with funky HTML email formats.  Generating email is easy just as generating HTML is easy.  Trying to make sense of all the wild variations and loosy goosyness at the receiving end is tougher and doing content surgery in route is even tougher.

I did have some enjoyable time integrating Spring Framework with the pure Java milter though.  It took me only a few hours to wash most of the configuration mess out of code and into an XML file.  Nice.

Although I did notice the recent release of HiveMind 1.0 final, I went with Spring Framework because I felt more comfortable with its design and terminologies than HiveMind's.  But then they are very similar so which you choose to use is just a matter of taste.  HiveMind is fairly small though because it is boxed in by rest of Jakarta projects in terms of functionalities.  Joining a community means having more toes and egos to avoid stepping onto.

Spring Framework, on the other hand, has a growing flotila of integration packages.  Since I was short of time, I ignored them for now and used only the core and context packages.