Firefox on Fire

While it's cool to see that Mozilla Foundation has met their goal of 1 million Firefox 1.0PR download in 10-days, it's sad to see that they achieved that by doing it the Old Fashion Way, delivering every byte to everyone themselves.

Instead of the irrelevant, so called, RSS Support, they could have added BitTorrent support to the Firefox, enabling Mozilla servers to share the download frenzy stress with network download clients and enabling every Firefox installation to be BitTorrent-ready at the same time.

But then it's a puzzle why AOL, Mozilla's former patron, didn't add BitTorrent support across it's product line (AIM, WinAmp, etc.) to make it easy for people to download multimedia.  IMHO, the best way to control illegal sharing of copyrighted goods is by controlling the client.  And lets not forget all the legal ways to leverage P2P technologies.

One example is peer to peer education.  Recording video or audio is so much simpler than writing books.  Why not ask people to share amateur How-To videos?  Time/LIFE made a bundle selling How-To books and market interest is clearly there.  Turn on those Visa/MC logos and let people make money off teaching others how to fix things.

The best time to embrace a technology is when everyone is scared of it.  Grab it by the horn and flip it to your advantage.