Addicted to High DPI

While desktop LCD monitors are excellent for playing movies and games, I am not too happy with them for regular uses.

First, they are just too bright.  Most applications I work with consist of mostly white background and, instead of typing on paper-like ambient white background, I feel like I am typing on the surface of florecent lamp.   because LCD monitors radiate white background regularly which usually involves a lot of white background.  To get around the problem, I reduced brightness all the way down but it was not enough.  So I changed the window background color to a light shade of gray and I can now stare at the monitor without seeing ghosts everytime I look away.

Second, pixel density is too low for me.  I got used to my laptop's 15-inch 1600×1480 LCD monitor which supported 130 DPI.  ClearType simply rocks at 130 DPI!  Maximum resolution of my desktop's 17-inch LCD monitor is 1280×1024 and 96 DPI is the highest I can use it at.  At 96 DPI, fonts are ugly even with ClearType on.  Larger LCD monitors don't improve the DPI much either.

Whew.  I feel much better after this rant.  Hopefully, LCD manufacturers will make LCD monitors for business use that is less blinding and more dense.  Until then, I'll just have to suffer.